Residency: La Devignère

‘La Devignère’ has been a place dedicated to artistic activities since 1992, from when the theatre company ’Tour de Babel ’ used this rambling old house as its main base for over twenty creations. In 2005, a new association ’Thélème ’ opened the house to companies and individuals interested in ’creative retreats ’ (circus, dance, theatre) and worked on developing cultural activities in this rural area (theatre school for children, workshops, open rehearsals). The association ended in 2015. Since then, the Irish-French owners, Zoë O’Reilly and Alain Servant, have been promoting this exceptional place, now fully restored, to continue these cultural activities, proposing residencies in all fields of creative activities including academic and creative writing. Over the years we have developed a strong network with local structures and individuals including organic producers from where we source our food.

La devignere, Lussac, France, 16450

+33 6 35 40 87 76

Res Artis: La Devignère


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